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Newborn Photography

Firstly, congratulations on your expected bundle of joy.  Your world is never the same once you have kids.  If you have kids, you already know.  But if this is your first, be prepared because time seems to go by twice as fast once you have kids.  The "newborn" stage is over in just a few short weeks so try to plan your newborn session in advance.  Newborns are best photographed at the age of 6-14 days old.  

Here at Luz Photography, We always have baby fever.  I love seeing your fresh newborns.  Knowing your baby is the most precious thing in the world to you means safety is my #1 priority at all times.  I have had training in newborn photography safety and I am certified in child and infant CPR.   After safety, quality newborn photography is a specialized skill that not all photographers possess.  I take many hours of classes in newborn photography each year.  Let us freeze this precious moment in time for you to cherish forever.

Available Newborn Sessions

Half Newborn Session ~ $350

  • 1 and half hour session

  • Includes 7 digital images

  • In studio only

A Simple Newborn session only includes 2-3 beanbag newborn wrapped poses and 1 prop pose .  This is a 1 and half hour session at my studio.  The price includes your favorite 7 digital images.

Full Newborn Session ~ $500

  • 3-4 hour session

  • Includes 15 digital images

  • In studio or at your home*

The newborn session is typically 3-4 hours.  This session includes family photos and a variety of wrapped and unwrapped poses of your little bundle of joy.  

Maternity/Newborn Special ~ $900

  • Up to an 1 Maternity session

  • 3-4 hour newborn session

  • Includes 20 digital images from each session

  • 1 - 6x6 20 page album

  • In studio or on location*

This combo includes a basic maternity session and a full newborn session and everything that comes with each session plus 5 extra digital image per session and a 6x6 20 page album.

* Due to the amount of studio equipment and props,

Newborn sessions at home have a convenience fee of $100,

Please make sure there is at least 8 foot by 8 foot clear workable space.

Where we do our sessions

Our studio is located at

26 Union Street

Suite 1

Vernon, CT 06066

The Process

1. The Consultation

The consultation can be as simple as  a quick phone call or as in depth as a visit to the studio to detail every aspect of what you are looking for.  It's all up to you.

2. Book Your Session

Once you decide which newborn session you want, just pay a $50 deposit (which goes toward the total cost of your session) and I will pencil in your due date.  

3. Have Your Baby

I like to schedule your session with you while you're still in the hospital so we can work around doctors appointments and ensure your session is done  in the first 14 days.

4. Getting Ready

The day before your session, I will send you an information packet with tips and tricks to help ensure a cooperative baby for your session.

5. Relax

Time for your session.  Just follow the guidelines in the information packet and bring your baby.  Take a seat or take a nap, your newborn baby is in good hands.  While I have a process to guide your newborn through different poses with as little disruption as possible, I will let you know if your newborn needs feeding or an extra cuddle.


6. Pick Your Favorites

Within 48  hours of your session you will receive your proofs.  These are  all unedited images from your session.  Each session includes some images.  If you want more than what's included,  the price for additional images will be included in the email with your proofs.

7. Download and Share

Once you have picked all of your favorites, please allow up to 2 weeks for all of the final edits to be done.  Your finished images will be sent to you via

email to a password protected online web album for you to download.  There are  a variety of physical products available you can purchase right

rom your online web album.  If you only want the digitals, you're done!

When should I call to book my newborn photography session?
You should call to book your newborn session around 20-30 weeks to ensure availability.  If you are also doing a maternity photography session, that is a good time to book that as well.

What day of the week are newborn sessions done?
Newborn sessions are reserved for weekdays in the morning only. My weekends are booked in advanced due to your little bundle of joy coming at their time period. You should treat scheduling your newborn sessions the same way your baby's doctors appointments.

How old should my newborn be for a session?
The ideal time for your newborn photography session is at 5-14 days old when they sleep the most.

What if we can't come in the first 14 days?
While less than 2 weeks old is ideal, most newborn poses can still be done as late as 6 weeks old.

Do I need to bring anything for my session?
Just your baby.  No outfits are needed, they can actually cause a fussy baby.  I have an extensive collection of wraps, hats, headbands, layers, and props which we can discuss during your consultation.

Can we do family pictures during our newborn session?
Of course, the full newborn session includes time for family photos.  The simple newborn session does not typically allow enough time for family photos.

My baby hasn't been vaccinated, Is it safe?
Yes, my assistant and I are up to date on all of our required vaccines. We take extra care to keep our studio clean.
I am also certified in child and infant CPR.

What if the number of images isn't enough?
You are welcome to purchase as many images as you want.  With a typical full newborn session you can expect between 60 and 120 images to choose from.  I choose to include some images in each session because I have never liked how some photographers charge you for your session and don't include any images.  

Why can it be so expensive?
Professional newborn photography is a highly specialized skill.  It requires an immense amount of time, training, and commitment. I spend many hours on training every year.  I have taken classes on newborn photography safety and have spent thousands of dollars on equipment and newborn props that are used only for newborn sessions.  "The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the low price has been forgotten"

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