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Maternity Sessions at Luz Photography

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Maternity sessions are one of my favorite sessions to do. It is so exciting to capture your maternal beauty just before your little one comes into the world. Maternity photos are a great way to encapsulate these moments before they're gone forever and to look back on when our babies are finally with us in the world.

When To Book Your Maternity Session

The number one question I get regarding maternity sessions is when to book. This all depends on if you are high risk or not. High risk pregnancies I usually like to do between 32-36 weeks. Otherwise, you should get your photos done between 34-38 weeks.

Where We Take Your Maternity Photos

You can choose to take your photos for your maternity session inside or outside. If you choose to stay inside I have plenty of props and backdrops for beautiful in-studio photos. Or I can even come to your home if you'd like to take pictures in your house or in your yard. If you'd like to take your photos outside I have a few outdoor locations that I love to work at. All my favorite outdoor locations have serene landscapes and almost all are within 20 miles of the studio. If you have a location in mind, let me know! Just keep in mind there is a travel fee if the location is over 20 miles away from the studio.

Maternity Dresses

In the studio I have a number of high quality maternity dresses that you can choose from for your session. Most of these dresses are listed on my website, so you can look at them and choose one before you come in for your photos. If you'd like, you can even schedule a time with me to come into the studio beforehand to try on some of my dresses. Also, if your session is on location I am more than happy to bring a dress for you. You don't have to wear my dresses, if you have a dress you'd like to wear, bring it! You can even be naked if you want, there is no judgement here!

Available Maternity Sessions

There are a few different sessions you can choose from for maternity. The Basic Maternity session is 1 hour and includes 15 digital images. The Deluxe Maternity session is up to 2 hours and includes 25 digital images. This also comes with the option of including Wings, Milk Bath, and/or Falling For You. I also offer the Maternity/Newborn Combo. This pack comes with 1 basic maternity session and a full newborn session. It includes 20 digital images from each session and 1 6x6 20 page album. No matter the session or the location you can add as many people as you want with no extra charge. This means any siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, etc. If you would like to get your hair and/or makeup done for your session let me know ahead of time so I can schedule with the makeup artist I use.

A La Carte

Falling For You, Wings, and Milk Bath are options you can add onto your session for a small additional fee. Falling For You is a stunning photograph of you suspended from a translucent cloth. All I ask with Falling For You is that you bring someone else with you. I have 2 sets of gorgeous feather angel wings that I use for Wings, one set is gold and the other is white. When we do a Milk Bath I fill my working clawfoot bathtub and usually add flowers for a decorative effect. All I ask with Milk Bath is that you make sure to bring a towel! Each option gives you 2 additional images.

If you have a vision for your session, tell me! I want to make sure you get everything you want. If you see some photos on my website or social media that you like, show me! I am here to show and embrace the mama-to-be that you are. You can choose to show and highlight your belly or you can choose to hide it if you'd like to be more modest. Everyone is different, even if your baby bump is a little on the smaller size I can bump it out for you. The goal of maternity sessions is to have fun, love yourself, and feel empowered!

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