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Preparing for Your Newborn Session at Luz Photography

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

There are many things to remember when scheduling and preparing for your newborn session. Maybe you have questions about booking your session, what each session comes with, or what types of sessions I offer. Whatever your questions may be, hopefully I can do my best to answer them here.

When to Book Your Newborn Session

There really is no good time to book your newborn session. Babies come when they come and usually due dates don't mean anything. All I ask is that when your baby does come and you're still in the hospital, contact me and we'll find the best day for you. Please don't wait until you're home and it's a week later, because by then I may not have anything available for the next 2 weeks. However, make sure you don't schedule your newborn session until after you have made all your doctor's appointments. Remember, newborn sessions are best done within the first 9 days but can be pushed out to the first 14 days.

Premature babies are a whole different story, it is not your fault your baby was eager to see the world and decided to come early. If your baby is premature we can wait up to a month, but the longer we wait with any baby they more difficult they can be to work with. Babies are more bendable within the first couple weeks of life, meaning it's easier for me to pose them.

Half vs. Full Newborn Session

If you are deciding whether to do a full newborn session or a half, there are a few key differences to keep in mind. Half sessions usually take about an hour and a half and come with 7 digital images. These images include 2-3 wrapped beanbag poses and 1 prop pose. A full session can take anywhere from 3-4 hours and comes with 15 digital images. These images include family photos and a variety of posed images of the baby wrapped and with props.

If you want to include any family pictures you must choose the full session. Half sessions are only pictures of your newborn, no parents or other family members. This is because family photos can take up to a half an hour alone and I have strategically set up my half newborn sessions to be done within an hour and a half.

If we do the full session, we always take the family photos first. This is so if you have kids in school you can take them out for an hour and then bring them back right after. Newborn sessions are only done on weekday mornings. This is because my weekends are often all filled up with other appointments that have usually been booked out months in advance.

At Home Newborn Sessions

While most of the time I conduct newborn sessions in the studio, you do have the option to have them done in your home. Maybe you want a more personalized and homey feel, or maybe it's easier for me to come to you rather than for you to make the trip to the studio. Whichever it may be, I'm always willing to come out to your house for your newborn.

At home newborn sessions must be a full session and do require a $100 convenience fee, due to the amount of props and set-up I have to bring with me and for the mileage. I also require you to have an 8x8 area available in your home for the photos, because of the amount of set-up required.

The main differences between at home and in studio is the amount of space and accessibility to props. At the studio, I have a lot more space and I also have all of my props, back drops, and clothes. At home, I use your furniture and surroundings for family pictures, to make it more intimate and individualized to your family specifically. In the studio, I take family photos in front of a backdrop. The photos of just your baby are relatively the same whether you decide to go in studio or at home.

Props and Clothing

If you go on my website or social media and have seen a specific outfit, pose, or prop that I have used for newborns that you would like to use, let me know! Contact me beforehand or send me the picture with the style you like so I can make sure to have it ready for you when you come in for your session. I have lots of different

outfits, props, wraps, and backdrops that I use for newborn sessions. If you have given me no specific requests I will pick out everything myself and have it ready for you when you arrive. That does not mean you can't tell me to change something! If you arrive and don't like something that I have picked out for your session, don't be afraid to tell me. I won't get offended, these pictures are for you, I want to make sure you love them!

I ask that you please don't bring any clothing of your own for the baby. When I am taking their pictures I prefer them to be in the outfits I have for them to wear. If you or your spouse have a profession that you would like to incorporate into the photos you may bring some items that I can work with. With any specific props you would like to add please notify me beforehand.

If you are doing a full session and taking family photos you may wear whatever you like. What parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. wear is all up to you.

It is especially important to be fully prepared and informed before going into your newborn session. With every one I schedule, I send out a separate list of instructions that give you step-by-step details on how to prepare your baby for the session. If you follow these steps than you are already on the right track going into your session. I am also proud to be CPR certified and make your newborn's safety my first priority. I can't wait to photograph your little bundle of joy and create precious memories for your whole family!

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